Coexist with the letters forming symbols associated with Islam, Judaism, and Christianity is a graphic that has come to be seen as a plea for tolerance and understanding among these major world religions. The graphic gained quite a bit of exposure when used by Bono of U2 at their "Vertigo" tours in 2005 and 2006. One City, One God subscribes to the ideas of coexistence.

In December of 2006. I decided to try an experiment in coexisting. It wasn't so much an experiment, as it was a desire to connect with the spiritual experiences of others. Over a 3 day period I visited 4 of the holiest sites in the city of Jerusalem: The Western Wall, revered by Jews, Harem el Sharif, a holy place for Muslims, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a sacred church for Orthodox and Catholic Christians, and The Garden Tomb, a holy site for Protestant Christians.

At each site, I worshiped and reflected as a member of that faith. I wore the sacred items of each faith and prayed as a member of that faith would using the appropriate scriptures, rituals, and state of mind. A friend took pictures at each site that I visited. What was the result? I have always felt connected to others, and after this experience, that feeling was deepened. You can find each photo at the links above.