Brankov: The Rock and Roll Bridge
A Celebration of Serbian and American Patriotism.


Happening June 11th, 2024


Brankov: The original Rock And Roll Bridge c.1999.

June 11th, 1999 was the last day bombs fell in the campaign waged against Slobodan Milosevic but more dramatically against the people of Serbia. June 11th will become not a day to mourn, but a day to celebrate, not a day to remember war, but to remember peace and the lives of those lost in the struggle for peace.

On five bridges in the city of Beograd, there will be forgiveness and celebration. There will be music for dancing, music for singing, music for drinking, and music for kissing girlfriends or boyfriends.

Admission is 100 dinars. Proceeds will go to shelters for children and the elderly.

And at midnight... Fireworks.

Did I forget the part about the carnival and candies earlier in the day for children?