When I was 17 years old, I set a goal to see 100 countries during my life.

Two decades later, I have been to 118 countries. People always want to know, of the countries you have been to, which is your favorite? All of them, I say. How else to answer? I have found that after each country I visit, the world seems to grow in size and shrink at the same time. So many different customs, so many customs that are exactly the same. Perhaps in the end, we all seek for family, freedom, work, self expression and love.

When do you hope to go exploring? Where do you want to go to? What do you want to learn? Why will you make the journey? Who do you want to make your new friend? There are no wrong answers, no wrong questions, when you see the whole world as your family.


Buying child art on a man made island on Lake Titicaca, the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.

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