Socks Forward is a project with simple aims. To assist those with humanitarian needs by providing new or gently used clothing.

I visit the old city in Jerusalem quite often. In 2004 I was in Jerusalem for Christmas and Chanukkah. I made friends with a kind gentleman who is a shopkeeper in the old city selling souvenirs to pilgrims and tourists. He is an Arab Christian who lives in East Jerusalem, but his home is a tiny village in the West Bank. He asked me if I would bring some children's clothes for youngsters in his village. Many of them have only one change of clothing which their mother must wash every night. I told him I would do it for sure. And then I did nothing. Until now.

Socks Forward will help provide a change of clothing, new underwear and socks, or warm winter coats to as many people as possible.

These are the two current
Socks Forward Projects.

Socks Forward will help provide a change of clothing to as many Palestinian children between the ages of 1 and 12 that it can.

Socks Forward will provide new socks to Israelis serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. (IDF)

If you have clothing you would like delivered to Palestinian Children or Israeli IDF soldiers please send it to:

Socks Forward
c/o Jeff Isom
242 North 400 West
Provo, Utah 84601

There may seem to be political ramifications to what I am doing. There are none and none are intended.

Anyone who participates in the project will be recognized on Photos and video of the clothing being distributed will be posted.

Click here to see Socks Forward Envelopes.