The Socks Forward board of directors seeks to encourage others to provide clothing to young people in the Middle East and the elderly in the Balkan Peninsula. Members of the Socks Forward board are:


Shannon is the wife of Scott Bingham and the mother of two beautiful boys ages two and three. She has a spectacular garden behind her home where she gathers ingredients for the most amazing food you have ever eaten. Asian, Thai, Italian, and Indian food are all specialties. She loves photography and will wait for the exact moment when the red and gold leaves are in perfect balance to take a photo of one of her children.

Shannon Bingham


Craig Clark is a husband and father who lives and works in San Diego California. Craig has a BS in Biochemistry & Cell Biology, and an MBA. He currently works in the Biotech Industry. All of Craigs spare time is spent doing whatever his wife wants at home, building a treehouse and playing with his two kids, serving in his church, and occasionally taking a long bike ride.

Craig Clark


Dave grew up in a lower income home and appreciates having the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, and yes, warm, dry socks. After receiving a 4 year degree in Health Administration with a minor in Radiologic Technology, Dave currently works in the Healthcare Industry providing software solutions to hospitals in the Southeast Region of the United States. Fact: The first item of clothing a person puts on in America's hospital system is warm socks and a not so warm gown. Let's forward warm socks to those who might not have as many as they need.

Dave Cluff


Carolyn Hanson is the mother of three, grandmother of five, and wife of one. She believes there is no greater joy in life than family. An avid hiker, Carolyn has hiked the Grand Canyon, rim to rim, complete with a 50 pound pack. She has hiked the highest peaks of Utah and loves living on one of them: Mt. Loafer in Woodland Hills, Utah. Carolyn is a recovering bookaholic who also happens to love public speaking. Recipient of many public speaking awards and a Governor's Cup finalist, Carolyn enjoys speaking for youth groups and firesides. Two of her favorite callings are that of a teacher and a YW Stake Camp Director. She currently serves as a MIA MAID teacher. For the past twelve years, Carolyn has worked at BYU as an administrative assistant in Theatre and Media Arts. She recently accepted a graduate secretary position for Integrative Biology on campus.

Carolyn Hansen