Ryan Cannon and Jeff Isom went to Israel in December of 2006.

They were going to film the donation of socks to Israeli soldiers and clothing to Palestinian children in the West Bank.

That did happen... but then so did something else.

Citizen Jerusalem (working title)

Ryan Cannon served as the director and cinematographer on the project. Jeff Isom served as subject and craft services. Someone had to provide the hummus. (Actually, thank you Har Adar Shul for providing the hummus.)

Ryan Cannon

Ryan C

Ryan Cannon grew up in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. He moved to Utah to attend the University of Utah, and then graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in Film and English. He is a published author, and has directed and photographed several award-winning short films. He currently remains in Utah, recovering from college and thinking inconclusively about graduate school. In the interim, he teaches a production course at Brigham Young University, and continues writing and shooting films.

Ryan is our Director, Director of Photography, and Post Production Supervisor.

Jeff Isom


Jeff Isom is an ordinary guy who has traveled to 89 countries on 6 continents, met three U.S. presidents, just said no to cocaine offered by a Columbian Drug lord in a Bolivian prison, and spent the night in a cemetery in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Jeff has spoken before audiences in 21 countries about dynamic personal growth. He is proud of his roots as a gopher trapping, cow milking Idaho farm boy and dreams of the day when he can afford a Boeing 747 with giant built in speakers to fly around the world playing Beatles music and spreading world peace.

Jeff is our Subject, Craft Services Man, and Demolitions Expert.