Minds Forward realizes the tremendous transformative power of an education.

Currently, Minds Forward is working to establish two initiatives that will help provide young people with access to higher education. One project requires funding that is moderate. The other requires funding that is somewhat mind boggling. But not when compared to what is being spent in Iraq. For a current total of spending in Iraq, click here. These programs have no agenda regarding our presence in Iraq. They do seek to provide justice, mercy, and understanding to those who do not have typical access to higher education.

One initiative seeks to provide 100 scholarships. 10 scholarship to 10 students for one year over a ten year period, or until there is a solution to the current troubles in the middle east, particularly between Israel and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza). Five students will be from Israel and five students will be from Palestine. They will study at the same institution following similar curriculums and living in similar housing arrangements. Learn more about Ten Scholars.

The other initiative seeks to provide scholarships for 4 years of study at a state school in North America, Europe, or Latin America to 200 students from five nations in the Caribbean. This means that the top 1% of all seniors from the five nations will be offered $50,000 to attend school for 4 years. Learn more about Five Nations.