Run Forward is an effort to make giving to others a regular component of our lives.

Every month, I am running a 5k run and then donating $4 per kilometer ran to an NGO that is bringing about positive change in the lives of the world's people. The NGO I am giving to for the year 2010 is the American Red Cross.


You can join Run Forward and start your own personal giving program. Each Run Forward participant makes the commitment to run at least 1 personal 5k run each month and to donate 4$ per kilometer or $20 each month to the NGO or charity of their choice. Membership in Run Forward is free and includes a membership certificate. Or you can just start running and giving and create your own certificate.

This is a Google Earth map of the 5k I am running in Provo, Utah. About a third of the run is along the Provo River Trail which is extremely beautiful and peaceful for a morning run. The name I have given the run is "Firehouse 5k" since at the very top of the run, I make a half circle around Provo Fire Station 3 with it's modernistic 4 1/2 story concrete training tower.


Below is my profile on Nike+. I am using my iPod nano and a Nike+ kit to keep track of my runs and compete with other users in challenges. Signing up is free, but requires a Nike+ kit and iPod to take advangage of the site.