After I hit 80 countries, I went to Greenland gl thinking it would be number 81. I traveled there on a flight from Iceland is and was amazed at what a beautiful place it was. I was a little concerned to discover it was technically a territory of Denmark dk and not actually a country. This led me to investigate the whole concept of country, and to make some decisions about what my list would and would not include as a valid country.

I finally came up with 3 lists that I use to count countries based on different criteria. The first list is composed of the members of the United Nations Flag - UN that I have visited, the second is formed of members of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and/or the IOC (International Olympic Committee), and finally a personal list, called FIFA Plus, that essentially is the number of countries I tell people I have been to. This list is comprised of the FIFA/IOC countries plus several others, which do not have FIFA/IOC teams, but I have considered as distinct enough to be on my personal list. Here are the totals for each list.

UN countries 100
FIFA/IOC countries 111
FIFA Plus countries 118

Why does this matter? It doesn't really. But the closer I got to 100 countries, the more clarity I wanted on what 100 was going to be for me. Country 100 on my FIFA Plus list was South Africa in December of 2008. Country 100 on my FIFA/IOC list was Myanmar (Burma) in February of 2009.

I did count Greenland gl on my FIFA Plus list.

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